Unfold Your Business Model

You want to create and capture more value? The Value Cube helps you ideate, analyse, evaluate, and improve new and existing business models.

Ideate new business models

Sketch new business ideas, brainstorm different ways to create and capture value, and recombine components of existing models to form something new.

Analyse existing business models

Describe business models in terms of value creation and capture, spot and explore connections and patterns, and explain why something works or doesn’t.

Evaluate and improve business models

Measure business model performance with clear goal metrics, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and find ways to improve.

The Value Cube shows you how complex business models are built from simple interacting components and how you can leverage them for successful strategies.

The core of a viable business model is simple: You create value for customers, for which they pay you.

By being paid, you capture part of the value and turn it into revenue and profit.

You can create value in three different ways:

  • Core benefit: the immediate use value of your product.
  • Differentiation: how your product differs from other products with the same core benefit.
  • Network effects: how your customer benefits from other customers using your product – the more, the better.

You also capture value in three different ways:

  • Scale: you sell the product to as many customers as possible.
  • Premium: you sell the product at as high a price as possible.
  • Loyalty: you keep customers for as long as possible.

Finally, your success in capturing value is being measured with three simple metrics:

  • For scale, it’s the number of customers.
  • For premium, it’s revenue per transaction.
  • For loyalty, it’s the number of transactions per customer.

And there you have it: The business volume you can achieve is the product of all three metrics.

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Training and coaching

The inventors of the Value Cube, Wolfgang Wopperer-Beholz and Joachim Dreykluft, Philipp Dudek, Allan Jäke, Patrick Körting, Jan Weiß, provide training and coaching for the Value Cube, from brief intro sessions to deep-dive workshops and continuous support.

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